The Matrix Pro Leads Opportunity

The only cost is a ONE-TIME $4.95 to get you set up.

Matrix Pro Leads believes that rewarding others that refer customers to us is the best way to introduce America to our Business Opportunity Marketing Leads. This is why we have developed one of the MOST generous affiliate programs in the industry with First Order Bonus commissions up to 45%, and residual income through our powerful 3×12 forced matrix commission structure. Building a team has GREAT benefits! Commissions are based on your affiliate ranking and your total team sales, not just on your personally referred orders. There are no ongoing monthly fees or purchase requirements to participate in our Affiliate Program. 

Add on our Business Builder Monthly Subscription for only $30.00 per month and get 100 of our Business Opportunity Email Marketing Leads emailed to get started earning even faster. First Order Bonus and commissions for Business Builders start at 25%. There are 5 levels of Business Builders, with level 5 earning 45% commissions on all first orders and their level one team orders. Level 5 Business Builders can also earn down 12 levels in our matrix commission structure. All rankings are based on team volume and adjust monthly based on those volumes.

Joining Matrix Pro Leads As An Affiliate Is A Simple Process

STEP 1 – View our Compensation Plan

Take a look at what Matrix Pro Leads has to offer it’s Affiliates. We believe we have a GREAT commission based affiliate program that rewards those who refer others to our business. With commissions ranging from 20% for our Affiliate ranking, all the way up to 45% on our Business Builder-5 level ranking, it just makes sense to partner with Matrix Pro Leads. You also can build a team and earn off their efforts as well.  Click HERE To View Our Compensation Plan

STEP 2 – Sign up as an AFFILIATE

When you join our referral team, we will give you a personalized affiliate link to our website that you can instantly share with others. You will earn a 20% commission (First Order Bonus) on every new order placed through your affiliate link. The only cost is a ONE-TIME $4.95 admin fee for your back office setup and link activation. Your also have the option to join at the Business Builder Level for only $39.95. This includes 100 of our Business Opportunity Marketing Leads and 100 of our marketing flyers. This upgrade also increases the First Order Bonus and level 1 commissions to 25%.

STEP 3 – Refer Other Affiliates, Earn Even MORE!

As an affiliate of Matrix Pro Leads, you will be able to start building a team and earn up to 12 levels of commissions in our powerful 3 x 12 forced matrix compensation structure. Affiliates are instantly upgraded to the Business Builder-1 Ranking when a leads purchase has been completed through their affiliate link. There are 5 levels of Business Builders earning between 25% and 45% commissions. Commission percentage is based on your total downline sales volume, not just your personal referrals and purchases. Ranking qualifications can be viewed in our program overview documents Rankings are based on the past 30 days of total team sales.

STEP 4 – Join our Facebook Group and Collaborate!

Matrix Pro Leads believes we are one giant team and the Facebook group is where we have chosen to support each other on best practices, a place to get your questions answered & a place for you to be able give us feedback. The group link will be sent inside your welcome email.

That’s It! Let’s Get To Work!

Join the Matrix Pro Leads Affiliate Program and earn commissions referring others to our website. Build a team and earn some serious residual income.